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COVID 19 and General Disinfection Services


Our commitment to COVID-19 cleaning and general disinfection is vital for a safe

and healthy environment. By using top-notch, certified disinfection methods

and products, we prioritize your safety, aiming to create a

secure space for everyone—employees, customers, and community.

Trust Sunshine Cleaning to keep your surroundings clean and protected.


  • Electrostatic Sprayer

  • Effective in 10 minutes

  • Kills 99.9% of Bacteria and Viruses

  • Protects your family and employees.

  • Bleach Free disinfectant, sanitizer.

  • Coronavirus disinfection service

  • Residential and Commercial spray services

  • Floor disinfecting and sterilizing services

Residential Disinfection And Sanitizing Services

We specialize by using state-of-the-art electrostatic sprayers that can deliver the safest, most effective disinfectant over hard surfaces, tile, grout, flooring, etc. Sunshine Cleaning takes great pride in our hospital-grade disinfectant that can leave all surfaces sparkling clean and thoroughly disinfected.


Our steam cleaning and disinfecting sprayers do no irritate the skin, eyes, or lungs, and they can also be used on  kitchen appliances and home electronics. Our cleaning products do not leave a visible residue on the surfaces they reach. 


Our certified cleaning technicians can leave any residence clinically-clean, no matter how big or small. We take great pride in our home sanitizing services that will leave your place odor-free, as well as germ- and bacteria-free.  


Commercial Cleaning And

Spray Sanitizing Services

Many types of commercial buildings ranging from educational institutions, offices, gyms, churches, and medical facilities are highly susceptible to various bacteria and germs. Sunshine Cleaning can accurately kill and get rid of many bacteria and viruses.  


We rely on non-corrosive sprays that allow us to disinfect without interfering with the normal functions of office appliances, home/office computers, outlets, and many other things. All of the objects touched by employees, clients or members will be thoroughly disinfected  according to standards that are considered clinically clean. There is no rinse needed, and all of the products we work with are EPA registered and CDC approved and certified. 


  • Coronavirus COVID 19

  • Vancomycin Resistant

  • Enterococcus (VRE)

  • Hepatitis B Virus

  • Hepatitis C Virus

  • HIV

  • Influenza A Virus

  • Enterobacter aerogenes

  • Herpes Virus

  • Staphylococcus (All types)

  • Staphylococcus (All Types)

  • Salmonella 

  • MRSA

  • Additional Types of Viruses

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